Successful real estate investors, owners and fund managers understand that fast, accurate access to information, automation and enhanced decision-making capabilities are now more important than ever. As a result, property performance will be optimized and profitability will be maximized. Property & Investment Management System (PIMS) is an integrated system that is designed to streamline the end to end processes of real estate from concept to construction and then management.

Property & Investment Management System (PIMS) is a modular software solution for managing real estate, assets and building facilities more efficiently and cost-effectively. with outstanding access to up-to-date information and analysis capabilities. In addition, PIMS is an integrated system designed to streamline the management of the entire real estate investment lifecycle.



Property Management

  • Property Management
  • Receive New Property
  • Search/Edit Units
  • Facility Inquiries
  • Property Inquiries

Auction Management

  • Prepare Auction
  • Auction Management
  • Conduct Auction

Lease Contract Management

  • New Lease Contract Management
  • Renew Lease Contract Management
  • Transfer Lease Contract Management
  • Change Tenant Name
  • Modify Lease Contract Management
  • NOL and Clearance Letters

Payment Management

  • Replace Cheque
  • Return Cheque
  • Fees Configuration
  • Financial Configuration


Maintenence Management

  • Maintenence Requests
  • Service Contract Trendering
    • Maintenence
    • Security and Cleaning
    • Insurance
  • Create Service Contracts
    • Maintenence
    • Security and Cleaning
    • Insurance


  • Tendering Procedures
  • Property Development Contracts
  • Property Design Plans Approval
  • Project Follor up (Handover location, Follow up, Inital/Final Acceptance)
  • BOT Contract
  • Istisna’a Contract
  • Tender Clarifications
  • Tender Extend Apps
  • Initial/Feasibility Study
  • Evaluation of Properties


  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Payment Integration
  • Master Setups
  • User Management

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