Smart Inspection Solution (SIS) acts as the main platform for all stakeholders dealing with the inspection function inside any public authority. Therefore it is accessible via web browsing and a mobile application, which are the main channels for inspectors who work remotely and need to manage their tasks on-the-go.

SIS offers end to end inspections processes with possible integrations with other organization systems to guarantee operations efficiency and completeness. SIS manages complete inspection cycle; starting from inspection visits creation, followed by booking the convenient inspector to handle the inspection visit, giving the inspector the facility to log his findings remotely (via the mobile app), and finally closing up by raising fines for violating entities (when needed).


Control Panel

to ingest operational strategies and monitor overall inspection process performance through reports and statistics.

Task Management

to schedule and assign inspection tasks to inspectors in different departments according to work load, specialization and geographic zone.

Risk Matrix

to define and categorize establishments according to risk levels and accordingly create inspection tasks.

Mobile Inspection

to enable inspectors to conduct inspection tasks on site via mobile phones

Inspection Process Management

to manage the inspection process parameters.

Lookups Management

to manage lookup tables’ values.

Inspections are mandatory, complexity is not. Invest in simplification

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