The world is becoming flatter by the day, Education is going to change more in the next few years than it has in the previous 10,000. Training management system is imperative in today’s fast growing and shrinking world.

A complete Training Management System. One System to Manage your entire training operation. Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets, poor reporting, and say hello to streamlined course scheduling, resource management, CRM, reporting, marketing, eLearning, and a whole lot more!

Discover a system that provides online collaboration between the trainer and the students where trainer can conduct the scheduled courses by utilizing existing course contents or by creating new course content on the fly. The course scheduling can be fully automated through a powerful built in Business Rules engine. In addition, the students can browse through all available or assigned courses and could register to browse the course content and schedules followed up by the online exam with retest functionality. An end to end reporting engine is available with results and attendance reports for trainer and the students.


Training/Course Auto Navigation

(Sections, Categories, Days, etc.)

Business Rules Engine

(Training pre-requisite, constraints, Trainer availability, Room availability, Auto Scheduling etc.)

Exam Creation & Auto Scheduling

Interactive exams/tests for Students

(Questionnaire – text and image based multi choice questions)

Reporting & Analytics

For Trainer and Administration

Bi-lingual Interface

Arabic & English

Focus on learning, Let management be on us

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